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Engaging Process

CivicMaker is the true solution for local governments looking for robust, highly secure, and beautifully customized websites. It all starts with our Development Life Cycle. Each step in this sought after process ensures a smooth and robust experience as your website moves from whiteboard to launch.

Development Life Cycle

Discovery/Needs Assessment

  • Review of vision, goals, structure, and content
  • Detailed needs assessment and development of user stories

Conceptual + Primary Design

  • Production of a seriew of designs and functional prototypes
  • Review of aesthetics, layout, and user flow


  • Configuration of a fully customized CMS
  • Data migration, user form setups, and connections to thirdparty services

Usability Testing

  • Traffic and Load Testing
  • Usability of Workflow

Launch + Training

  • Full support throughout launch of the new site
  • Customized training documentation and quickstart guides

Peace of Mind

Hosting + Maintenance

CivicMaker is a complete hosted solution, with blissfully low maintenance, industry leading architecture, and over a 99% uptime.


Built in protection from attacks like DDOS attempts, automatic systems failovers, updates without service interruption, and so much more.


Accessibility is a top priorities. We follow Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 compliance guidelines, to ensure that every citizen has access to your website.


We understand your need to measure success. CivicMaker is pre-wired with the analytics tools you'll need to proactively engage your audience